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Find a Small Group

To visit a Small Group simply call or email the leader listed below.

To make corrections, please send information to

Zip Type Leader Phone Text Email Time Childcare
Gresham Bible Study Slava & Yana Andreev 503-853-2884 Sunday, 5:30pm
Portland Vasyl Chekovskyy 360-606-5567 Thursday, 8:00pm
Portland Vadim Makoyed 971-255-2633 Y please call
Portland Tommy Bratkov 503-887-0501 please call
Portland Valera & Svetlana Matveev 503-539-4847 please call
Portland Sergey & Liya Kravchenko 503-810-6436 please call
Oregon City Sergey & Nina Andreychenko 503-816-1632 please call
Vancouver Andrew & Ilona Styopin 360-909-6203 please call
Vancouver Vasiliy Vergulyanets 360-314-8761 please call
Vancouver Waldemar & Oksana Klassen 971-222-8367 please call
Varies Womans Bible Study & Prayer Yuliya Kovalenko 360-910-7628 Tuesday 10:00am
Camas Alex & Vera Mishchuk 360-901-7196 Y please call
Camas Aligmantas & Vera Brashkis 360-624-5197 please call
Camas Mike & Svetlana Linchevsky 503-515-4119 please call